What is google adwords and how will it help drive traffic to my website?

What is google adwords and how will it help drive traffic to my website?

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Is your site optimized and continually updated but you’re still not seeing the traffic you’d like? Google has had a great advertising product available which breaks the mold for traditional advertising. Google’s product is called adwords. Adwords allows a website owner to advertise on google search result pages and be at the top of what users see. This helps drive traffic to your site and is a great option when your site is in a market where other users’ sites are ranking higher for a variety of reasons. It’s important to not lose track of your organic SEO efforts, but adwords paired with google analytics (which you can find in other articles on our site) gives site owners a great tool to supplement traffic to their site that would be missed otherwise.

These advertisements are clearly marked so the user who is searching knows these are paid advertisements. Here is an example of what an adwords ad looks like.

TS adword

When this ad runs, it is at the top of the page when users search for key terms we expect our customers would search for. Further than that, adwords allows you to determine what geographical locations you’d like your ad to run in. A brick and mortar business whose customers are within a 30-mile radius should fine tune their ad to only display for the keywords when searched within a certain region. Fine tuning the adwords campaign for geographical limitations prevents unnecessary spending ad money on unlikely customers.

Overall, adwords is a very powerful tool with informative analytics in google analytics can really elevate a websites web presence and reach customers that may be unattainable now. Beyond the ads, you can tangibly determine through cost per click and successful transactions from those customers what your customer acquisition costs are in real time.