What are the different options for SEO and what effects will they have on my business?

What are the different options for SEO and what effects will they have on my business?


Website owners are constantly looking at ways to optimize way search engines rank their site. Over the years that model has changed and continues to change as the internet and search engine optimization is forever moving target. A great strategy with today’s internet to rank as highly as possible is focused on a couple key areas. Those areas include relevant content, engaging users with a blog or updated expert content, social presence and frequency of relevant content.

Content on your site is the first thing the users and search engines are going to look at but it isn’t the only thing. It’s important to not lose track of the other elements that make up important content on your site. A blog or a knowledge center is a great area to put how to guides or general instructions for your users that they may find relevant. Those guide and blog articles make your site more relevant to the user because it is providing direct benefit to their needs and the search engine is able to comprehend that relevant data. A good example of this could be with a siding and gutter company. During the fall months, a great knowledge article could be about the need to clean out gutters along with the new tools available to get the job done cost and time effective. A video or photos would be great supplemental visual aids for the articles that paint an easy picture for the user so they too can clean out their gutters. The next time that customer may need work done to their siding and gutter they hopefully will remember that article and visit your site, but this also means a tremendous amount to the search engines algorithms as they will find more meaningful content on your site and will separate you from the other siding and gutter companies that may not have that content.

The other good focus is social media. Keeping a good social media presence is important with how many people use facebook and twitter these days. Having a page and content available on both platforms as well as your website will help differentiate your company from other companies based off of the quality and quantity of the material you are putting out for your visitors.

These key areas are important but require a certain skill set and time investment from the business to continually produce the quality content sites and social media pages need for continual traction. TECHSIMPLE can ease that burden on your business and provide your company with a plan that is continually updated to keep your online footprint relevant.