SEO and your website!

SEO and your website!

Search engine optimized

Many businesses have websites because they want a web presence when people search for their company. For some companies having the website is the goal and once achieved, they stop maintaining, compiling and posting relevant content. Other companies desire to be at the top of the list when people search, they want to be known as the expert and have credibility with their customers and attract their ideal potential demographic. To achieve those goals, companies need to embrace search engine optimization (SEO) and structure their website to reflect that. Organic SEO can be time consuming and labor intensive when first breaking into a new market segment or area where current websites have a dominant presence. Although it can be challenging, it is certainly possible! This article will highlight the major benefits of having strong SEO. If you’re looking at fueling traffic to your site while bringing your SEO up to par, check out Google Adword which can be found in our article (What is Google Adwords, and How Will it Drive Traffic to My Website?).


Top search ranking

One somewhat obvious benefit of working on SEO on your website is your search ranking. What this means is when someone searches a few relevant key words, your site is near the top of the list organically. This traffic is extremely valuable and ideally, this is a primary goal for why you want to commit to the time and effort of performing SEO magic on your site. Think about it this way, the alternative of SEO is paid click campaigns which ultimately put your site at the top of the page if key words are searched. Those campaigns can be pricey and there is a reason for them to be pricey. If you have strong SEO which gets you close to the top and can supplement paid campaigns, it’s a great place to be.

Seen as the expert

Another big reason why SEO is important for your website is the fact that people view the sites on the first page of search engines as the experts in the field. Personally, when I am looking for a business, product or tutorial, I have a bit more confidence when using a link on the first page or two than I do over clicking on a link that is buried 10 pages deep on the search engine. Further than my personal behaviors, people trust experts and when your site articulates those traits to the search engines in the form of content, it translates to the end user. Whether that expert content is blog content, expert articles, tutorials or how to guides, the content that leads to SEO is extremely beneficial in building that expert credibility.

Knowing your customer

A great added benefit of having a website with refined SEO is demonstrating the fact that you know who your target audience and customers are. If you look at SEO in a different light, you’re setting your website up with key words that you think your target audience will search for when they are using a search engine. If you’ve successfully optimized your site, your traffic should increase as your SEO rank should grow. Additionally, the more your website content evolves and changes to your audiences’ needs it shows that you are in tune with what content they desire.


SEO like all things technology will continue to change and how SEO is measured will forever be a moving target. The measures mentioned in this articles aren’t the only criteria that matter but are ones we like to focus on while establishing our SEO footprint for a new site. Knowing your customer, presenting your website as the content expert and having an authoritative perspective along with a well maintained, updated and socially connected website will surely get your site ranking at the top of search engines in no time! Be sure to check out our other SEO articles and feel free to email us with questions!