Google Analytics and the informational power it gives you!

Google Analytics and the informational power it gives you!

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Of all the powerful available tools to manage websites, google analytics tops most expert charts. Whether your site is informational in nature, or a transactional website google analytics can provide valuable data about your users experience that allows you to make the necessary tweaks to improve their stay. Google analytics is a free tool that google allows sites of any size to install with minimal effort.

Some of the dashboard data most users find relevant within google analytics really begins to answer difficult questions and allows you to drill in and find out details reasons for why. Here is an example of dashboard and what it represents.


This dashboard shows 2 days of traffic. During that time, the average duration of stay is 3:39 which is a decent amount of time. The 2 other key rates are the number of return visitors and pages per session. In this particular case, 2.7 pages per session is a good place we want our sites performing. Also, having 62% of our users be repeat users means our user experience is at a decent point. All this being said, if an area of our performance is dropping, we can look into the data and see why to make corrections.

Overall, google analytics is a must have for any website. Being free, there is not a tool out there that will give you better value and real data to support real time visits. All this being said, being able to make the changes and make sense of the data requires some skills and understanding of what the data represents. TECHSIMPLE can assist your company understand how their site is performing and what their traffic means along with developing a plan to improve the user experience on your site to get your visitor habits where you’d like them. Click on the contact page to let us know how we can help!