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February 22, 2017

What are the different options for SEO and what effects will they have on my business?

Website owners are constantly looking at ways to optimize way search engines rank their site. Over the years that model has changed and continues to change as the internet and search engine optimization is forever moving target. A great strategy with today’s internet to rank as highly as possible is focused on a couple key areas. Those areas include relevant content, engaging users with a blog or updated expert content, social presence and frequency of relevant content. Content on your site is the first thing the users and search engines are going to look at but it isn’t the only thing. It’s important to not lose track of the other elements that make up important content on your site. A blog or a knowledge center is a great area to put how to guides or general instructions for your users that they may find relevant. Those guide and blog articles […]
February 19, 2017
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What is google adwords and how will it help drive traffic to my website?

Is your site optimized and continually updated but you’re still not seeing the traffic you’d like? Google has had a great advertising product available which breaks the mold for traditional advertising. Google’s product is called adwords. Adwords allows a website owner to advertise on google search result pages and be at the top of what users see. This helps drive traffic to your site and is a great option when your site is in a market where other users’ sites are ranking higher for a variety of reasons. It’s important to not lose track of your organic SEO efforts, but adwords paired with google analytics (which you can find in other articles on our site) gives site owners a great tool to supplement traffic to their site that would be missed otherwise. These advertisements are clearly marked so the user who is searching knows these are paid advertisements. Here is […]
February 5, 2017
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How have websites changed over the years?

The idea of website has meant so many things over the years. Business websites have evolved over the years to adapt to customer needs, competition and technology advancements. Like anything, websites have changed with the environmental advances and what is available at the time. In the beginning, simple html websites were the normal situation. However, if you were so fortunate enough to understand what a .gif was, you were at the bleeding edge of innovation compared to your website friends. If you paired your .gif’s with a visitor counter, images, hyperlinks and relevant content your site was officially complete. Business sites provided relative content and were simplistic in nature, much more simplistic than todays’ websites that are much more interactive and are much more user intuitive. Websites changed with the introduction of new markup language and styling with cascading styling sheets (css) that allowed website designed to create more sophisticated […]
January 4, 2017

Why are content management systems a must-have for all website?

Websites have changes so much over the years that they’ve become much more than the simple 5-page website that consists of a couple images and a navigation bar. With the complex nature of websites today, it is a must they work on all browsers and devices which makes a website even more difficult to develop let alone maintain. A content management system CMS is a must for any website as it takes the coding requirement out of maintenance and day to day management for a company. A CMS is a graphical system that organizes your pages / posts / images into a friendly system that is all point and click. This system allows you to make changes in real time which can be reflected to all users on all platforms if set up properly. One of the most popular CMS products on the market is WordPress which is relevant for […]
November 2, 2016
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Google Analytics and the informational power it gives you!

Of all the powerful available tools to manage websites, google analytics tops most expert charts. Whether your site is informational in nature, or a transactional website google analytics can provide valuable data about your users experience that allows you to make the necessary tweaks to improve their stay. Google analytics is a free tool that google allows sites of any size to install with minimal effort. Some of the dashboard data most users find relevant within google analytics really begins to answer difficult questions and allows you to drill in and find out details reasons for why. Here is an example of dashboard and what it represents. This dashboard shows 2 days of traffic. During that time, the average duration of stay is 3:39 which is a decent amount of time. The 2 other key rates are the number of return visitors and pages per session. In this particular case, […]
October 1, 2016

Why would my business need a custom solution?

Custom software can provide considerable benefit to an organization. Most companies need software in order to function. Most of the software companies use is considered off the shelf products meaning they are using a product they purchased from a software manufacture and are using it to fit their business need. Most product purchased from manufactures do specific tasks and are designed to work with a specific work flow regardless of if that fits your business or not. Custom software breaks the mold of buying a product and their workflow and allows a company to reduce time and effort by solving a problem with their specific workflow. This because extremely relevant when you incorporate technology or automation to business processes that the software manufactures didn’t anticipate when they wrote their product. Typically, when custom solutions are created, a clear ROI can be identified and more importantly you the business owner would […]