April 5, 2017
Search engine optimized

SEO and your website!

Many businesses have websites because they want a web presence when people search for their company. For some companies having the website is the goal and once achieved, they stop maintaining, compiling and posting relevant content. Other companies desire to be at the top of the list when people search, they want to be known as the expert and have credibility with their customers and attract their ideal potential demographic. To achieve those goals, companies need to embrace search engine optimization (SEO) and structure their website to reflect that. Organic SEO can be time consuming and labor intensive when first breaking into a new market segment or area where current websites have a dominant presence. Although it can be challenging, it is certainly possible! This article will highlight the major benefits of having strong SEO. If you’re looking at fueling traffic to your site while bringing your SEO up to […]
March 24, 2017
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What is SEO and what will it do for me?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to conditions that help search engines find you and your relevant content.  When a user searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. the search engine will find websites that contain the relevant content the user searched for. The more SEO friendly your site is, the higher ranking your site will receive from the search engine. These type of user searches yield “organic” traffic that a company does not have to pay in the form of advertisement to receive. Organic traffic is highly desired. A logical question is what will SEO do for you? The answer is quite simple. Say you are a residential electrician that has a simple website without detailed content and relevant keywords. Your site will likely rank much lower than a residential electrician that has a populated content and a blog that contains residential electrical projects and […]
February 22, 2017

What are the different options for SEO and what effects will they have on my business?

Website owners are constantly looking at ways to optimize way search engines rank their site. Over the years that model has changed and continues to change as the internet and search engine optimization is forever moving target. A great strategy with today’s internet to rank as highly as possible is focused on a couple key areas. Those areas include relevant content, engaging users with a blog or updated expert content, social presence and frequency of relevant content. Content on your site is the first thing the users and search engines are going to look at but it isn’t the only thing. It’s important to not lose track of the other elements that make up important content on your site. A blog or a knowledge center is a great area to put how to guides or general instructions for your users that they may find relevant. Those guide and blog articles […]
February 19, 2017
SEO marketing

What is google adwords and how will it help drive traffic to my website?

Is your site optimized and continually updated but you’re still not seeing the traffic you’d like? Google has had a great advertising product available which breaks the mold for traditional advertising. Google’s product is called adwords. Adwords allows a website owner to advertise on google search result pages and be at the top of what users see. This helps drive traffic to your site and is a great option when your site is in a market where other users’ sites are ranking higher for a variety of reasons. It’s important to not lose track of your organic SEO efforts, but adwords paired with google analytics (which you can find in other articles on our site) gives site owners a great tool to supplement traffic to their site that would be missed otherwise. These advertisements are clearly marked so the user who is searching knows these are paid advertisements. Here is […]