Custom Solutions

April 2, 2017
Internet of Things

What is “Internet of Things” and how can it benefit your home and business?

Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for almost 20 years, but not until the last couple of years has “Internet of Things” become part of everyday language. For those that haven’t heard the term, IoT is the inter-networking of physical devices embed with software, sensors or electronics all connected to a network that collects the data for a purpose. Those are some fancy terms, so think about this in common applications like your home and business. Over the past couple of years marketing companies have been selling the concept of a smart home through security systems, lights, thermostats or audio video products. Typically, these cool gadgets have a quick setup guide that you have the neighbor nerd or family member help install and we don’t think twice about what these devices are really doing. When you think about how the devices operate, how they are connected and how they […]
March 24, 2017
Idea bulb

Why do problem solving and custom software go hand and hand?

Every business is different and have their own unique set of challenges and tasks. Typically, when we talk with most of our customers, we want to understand what their business problems are help guide them towards the best solution. In some cases, a companies’ problems can be solved by purchasing a product and implementing it within their organization. In other cases, the off the shelf products don’t quite meet the needs of the organization and a custom product is a better fit. With the availability of products and custom solutions, most problems can be solved with the assistance of software or custom software depending on what the situation requires. In past years, companies were intimidated by the idea of having a custom product as it may require maintenance or the need to hire a programmer full time to maintain. Those days are in the past with today’s availability of resources […]
March 24, 2017

How can a solution save me time and money?

Solutions are designed to save time and in turn save money. The longer it takes your company to do a task, the more it costs. Our process to identifying opportunities custom solutions that will save time and money is to find the tasks that take up most of your employees’ time. A great example is a task that might be able to be moved to a custom solution is a task that is currently hand written by 1 or more people. Typically, a paper ticket is handed from the field back to the office analyzed and then entered into a system of some sort. What if that ticket isn’t completely readable or the person in the office makes a mistake entering it? There are a lot of possible issues when dealing with paper tickets and opportunities for errors to occur. Some solutions involving paper tickets involve putting an iPad or […]
October 1, 2016

Why would my business need a custom solution?

Custom software can provide considerable benefit to an organization. Most companies need software in order to function. Most of the software companies use is considered off the shelf products meaning they are using a product they purchased from a software manufacture and are using it to fit their business need. Most product purchased from manufactures do specific tasks and are designed to work with a specific work flow regardless of if that fits your business or not. Custom software breaks the mold of buying a product and their workflow and allows a company to reduce time and effort by solving a problem with their specific workflow. This because extremely relevant when you incorporate technology or automation to business processes that the software manufactures didn’t anticipate when they wrote their product. Typically, when custom solutions are created, a clear ROI can be identified and more importantly you the business owner would […]